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Last Chance: Sefer Torah currently being written. Limited number of Torah Letters left to be purchased. Scheduled Completion Pesach 2018.
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Say good bye to greeting cards, and give a gift that will uplift you and your recipient!

No longer are you destined to buy a card that will end up in the trash. The days of generic greeting cards are a thing of the past. With, you can now send Jewish cards and gifts, the Jewish way!

What makes Torah Letter cards unique is that with each card, the sender is actually buying a letter in a Torah Scroll for the recipient. This Torah Scroll will be donated to the Western Wall and benefit Jews from around the world.

With our vast array of greeting cards, holiday cards and memorial cards, this distinct gift can be bought to commemorate any occasion. When someone purchases a Torah Letter card, an e-card or poster is sent to the recipient letting them know about the incredible gift they just received. Each card is customized to include the recipient's name, sender's name and Torah letter purchased.

By sending Torah Letter Cards you:
  • Support Israel
  • Torah Letter cards are made and printed in Israel by an Israeli company. As well, a portion of each card and gift is donated to support the needy in Israel through the Kupa Shel Tzedakah Charity (non-profit # 580475846)
  • Send a mitzvah
  • By sending a Torah Letter card, you are actually sending a mitzvah (good deed) to the recipient. This is the mitzvah of "writing one's own Torah Scroll" which can be fulfilled with owing one letter in a completed scroll. The sefer ha'chinuch writes that "Those who fulfill this mitzvah shall be blessed and he and his children shall become wise."
  • Unite with the Kotel/Western Wall
  • The Torah Scroll will be donated to the Western Wall and will benefit Jews from around the world. The recipients will be touched with the gift of a Torah Letter at the holiest place in the world.
  • Help bring Jewish Unity
  • Purchasing a letter in a Torah Scroll unites that person with all other Jews who have purchased letters in that same scroll. The former chief Rabbi of Israel (Mordechai Elyiahu zt"l) said on this topic "Indeed, only within Torah and through Torah is the true unity of close friendship, love, brotherhood, peace and compassion possible".
In 1933, Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzensky (Rav of Vilna and leader of world Jewry) called on Jews everywhere to participate in the writing of a sefer Torah by purchasing Torah letters. He called on every man and woman to participate and "thereby fulfill the mitzvah of writing a sefer Torah." The times have changed but the mitzvah is still the same!

How it works
  1. Choose which letter(s) you which to purchase.
  2. Choose your recipient(s)
  3. Choose which card to send from our vast array of greeting cards, holiday cards and memorial cards
  4. Choose the gift format - ecard, card or gift

  1. Send you a copy of the Torah Letter ecard, at the same time it is sent to the recipient.
  2. Notify you as soon as the recipient reads his/her card.
  3. Ship your card/gift via registered mail straight from Israel (printed card only)
Note: Each letter bought is recorded in our database and corresponds directly to a letter in this specific sefer torah. When a specific letter is no longer available for purchase (all of that specific letter has been bought), it will no longer appear in our order form and you will not be able to purchase it.

About Us was created by Rabbi Shalom Meir Waldman. Rabbi Waldman, is an expert in his field of STA"M (Religious articles). He has spent time studying the halachot of STA"M as well as having completed a hands on apprenticeship in this field. He also has extensive experience in selling and fixing these religious articles (STA"M). His love of the Torah and knowledge of STA"M infused within him a desire to create a product that would enable Jews from all walks of life to benefit from his expertise. With his vast knowledge, he can ensure that the Sefer Torah donated to the Kotel will be of the highest mehadrin standards and beauty. Rabbi Waldman lives with his family in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel. is co-owned by Leora Jutcovich. Leora also runs the successful, an online store selling Purim gift baskets to family and friends in Israel. Every year the site adds hundreds of satisfied clients to its customer database.


Adding a spiritual element to gift giving is a very gratifying idea. Hashem called the Torah a 'lecach tov', what better gift than a piece of the Torah?”
Rabbi Ephraim Oratz, noted author, educator and lecturer - Jerusalem, Israel.

"I have known Rabbi Waldman for years and can attest to his sincerity, religious observance and trustworthiness. He will fulfill all obligations to others that he takes on."
Rabbi Yosef Granofsky, Rosh Yeshiva Ohr David

The staff at welcomes all questions and comments. To contact us please see our contact details.

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