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Last Chance: Sefer Torah currently being written. Limited number of Torah Letters left to be purchased. Scheduled Completion Pesach 2018.
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How it works:

Torah Letter Cards can be sent via the following three delivery mediums:


E-cards come in two formats: standard & upgraded. Our standard ecard includes ads whereas our upgraded ecard does not. With the exception of holiday ecards, ecard are sent out as soon as you purchase them. You also receive a copy of the email and will be notified as soon as the recipient opens his/her card. Holiday ecards will be sent out a few days before the holiday
Important: We do not rent, sell or share email addresses we receive.

Printed Cards:

With this option the recipient will receive their card professionally printed on an 8 x 10, high quality cardstock. The card will be shipped out from Israel, as soon as it is processed. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. For holiday cards, an upgraded ecard is sent to the recipient right around the holiday, letting them know about the incredible gift that you purchased for them (see ecard section above). As well, a printed 8 x 10 professionally printed Torah Letter ownership certificate will be sent to the recipient straight from Israel, ready to be framed.

Facebook: (A quick and easy option for those sending multiple cards at once)

Torah Letter Cards can be sent to your facebook friends via a post on their wall. By logging into facebook, all it takes is a few clicks to send Torah Letter cards to many friends at once! No need to enter in their email addresses. You choose the friends that you wish to send to by checking a check box next to their name. A quick and easy option for those sending multiple cards at once. Holiday cards sent via Facebook will be posted on facebook near the holiday. You will be able to see your posted card, by going to your friend's wall. You will also receive an email notifying you as soon as the recipient opens his/her card.

Note: Each letter bought is recorded in our database and corresponds directly to a letter in this specific sefer torah. When a specific letter is no longer available for purchase (all of that specific letter has been bought), it will no longer appear in our order form and you will not be able to purchase it.
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