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Last Chance: Sefer Torah currently being written. Limited number of Torah Letters left to be purchased. Scheduled Completion Pesach 2018.
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In the Talmud (tractate Rosh Hashanah 10B), our sages tell us that if a person gives charity in the merit that his son shall live, he is considered a fully righteous person. The sages derive from here, that one can direct the merit of a specific mitzvah to a specific cause.

Obviously, the main reason for doing a mitzvah, is because G-d commanded us to do so. Nevertheless, the merit gained from doing the mitzvah, can be used to one's credit in attaining one's request. It may just be this extra merit that is needed, that helps break the barriers, and brings Heavenly salvation.

One should also note that the ultimate reward for a mitzvah is only in the world to come, not in this world.

When one buys a Torah letter he/she is fulfilling the mitzvah of "writing one's own sefer torah". In addition, a portion of the purchase, will be donated to charity, either supporting torah study, or to the needy in Israel - thus the mitzvah performed by buying a Torah Letter & the merits earned can really be double.

When you buy a letter, you will be given the choice as to which letter you wish to own. Your purchase will be commemorated with a personalized online certificate whose link will be emailed to you, with YOUR letter written in the same holy script (Ksav) as a sefer torah.

Buy a Torah Letter in the merit of finding one's marriage partner (shidduchim)
Buy a Torah Letter in the merit of raising righteous children
Buy a Torah Letter in the merit of livelihood
Buy a Torah Letter in the merit of a speedy / complete recovery
Buy a Torah Letter in the merit of marital harmony (shalom bayit)
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