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Last Chance: Sefer Torah currently being written. Limited number of Torah Letters left to be purchased. Scheduled Completion Pesach 2018.
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Livelihood - Parnasah

Buy a torah letter in our sefer torah at the Kotel (Western Wall) and fulfill the mitzvah of "writing your own sefer torah" in the merit of livelihood. Each Torah Letter can be purchased for ($4.95 USD) of which a portion of that money will be donated to the needy in Israel in this merit.

When you buy a letter, you will be given the choice as to which letter you wish to own. Your purchase will be commemorated with a personalized online certificate whose link will be emailed to you, with YOUR letter written in the same holy script (Ksav) as a sefer torah.

We've including a special prayer for livelihood. Since as with everything, the key to having our desires fulfilled is through prayer combined with mitzvot.


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prayer for livelihood
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