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Sponsor the letters of their names in a Sefer Torah at the Kotel!
Adding a spiritual element to gift giving is a very gratifying idea. Hashem (G-D) called
the Torah a 'lecach tov' (a good gift), what better gift than a piece of the Torah?”
-Rabbi Ephraim Oratz, noted author, educator and lecturer - Jerusalem, Israel.
    By sending a Torah Letter gift, the recipients will OWN letters spelling out their names in a Sefer Torah donated to the Kotel (Western Wall) thereby enabling them to fulfill a mitzvah and strengthen their connection to the Land of Israel, Jerusalem and the Kotel.

A Torah Letter gift includes a beautifully designed personalized certificate printed on
cardstock or canvas attesting to the ownership of the letters, the date (Jewish and
Gregorian) of the special event, and parsha, if applicable. Included in each gift is an
insert explaining the mitzvah of Torah Letter ownership.

Gift Packages:
* Prices Include Delivery * Additional Letters $4.95 Each * Includes "About the Mitzvah" Insert
Printed on 8*10
Card Stock
Includes up to
5 sponsored letters

Printed on 8*10
Card stock.
Displayed in a
Certificate Frame
Includes up to
7 sponsored letters
Printed on
Includes up to
10 sponsored letters
Includes up to
12 sponsored
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